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Past Results

  • Received a Landmark settlement against the Southern Bell phone company establishing maternity rights in Florida.
  • Obtained record $9.98 million dollar verdict against the Miami-Dade Police Department for improper police chase.
  • Awarded $5.05 million dollar jury verdict on behalf of a minor child killed in an automobile collision.
  • Successfully collected a $5 million dollar legislative claims bill believed to be one of the largest ever to be approved by the state of Florida.
  • Received a record libel verdict for a private citizen against the media.
  • Recovered $850,000 for a vehicular accident involving a negligent truck driver.
  • Awarded $900,000 in a medical malpractice case involving a mis-diagnosed cancerous tumor.
  • Recovered $510,000 in a premise liability lawsuit on behalf of a father who witnessed his adult son’s death.
  • Awarded $775,000 verdict against a resort hotel as a result of improper maintenance of a hotel room.
  • Obtained several undisclosed settlements against the Catholic Church for clergy sexual misconduct.
  • Awarded $505,000 against a Condominium Association in a near drowning incident caused by the negligent maintenance of a manmade lake.
  • Received $245,000 against State Farm for bad faith in a personal injury case where the Proposal for Settlement was $14,000 and the jury award was $85,000.
  • Collected a $500,000 settlement against Universal Studios Florida for the negligent condition of an amusement park ride.
  • Awarded a confidential sum against Pfizer for a products liability matter involving an FDA approved surgical cement.
  • Received a $350,000 personal injury jury verdict against a trucking company insured by Allstate where the insurance company only offered $80,000 following our willingness to accept $150,000 before trial.
  • Recovered an undisclosed wrongful death settlement against a local university for negligent hiring after one of its police officers killed a 29 year old woman.  It was shown that the school knew of several prior episodes of misconduct involving the officer yet did nothing.
  • Collected the full value of a client’s $400,000 home in a lawsuit against her adult son after he fraudulently transferred the deed to himself.
  • Successfully mediated a settlement concerning a post nuptial agreement valued at more than $650,000.