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“Attorney Bernstein has the confidence and understanding to take on a complicated project that was floundering while I was with my former attorney. Michael’s competence guided the case to victory from start to finish. I would recommend him to anyone”

Michael S.

“Michael Bernstein has represented me and my family on numerous occasions. No matter what type of legal action was required, Michael handled everything in an extremely professional manner and with the confidence and ease of the true professional that he is. When Michael is on your side, there is no need to worry; he takes care of everything. You can just sit back and relax and know that everything that could or should be done will be done.”

Susan M.

“A true warrior – simply the best.”

Jeff K.

“A class act, top to bottom. Great service, great results!! Michael is a consummate professional.”

Robert N.

“Michael is first rate. His wealth of knowledge and gentle manner are conducive to getting things resolved in your favor.”

Stacy F.

“Eighteen years of chaos stopped the day Mr. Bernstein became my lawyer. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to have peace in their life along with the benefits of an exceptional attorney. Michael is dedicated to his clients in getting what is best for them. Thanks to him, my life is finally restored again.”

Peggy W.

“Michael is the ultimate professional and a man of integrity. His attention to detail provided me the safety in knowing that I matter and that my case was most important.”

Randy H.

“I have come to trust that I can count on Michael no matter what!!!”

Alex S.

“Simply put, Michael is the best. And I found that his staff to be a reflection of who he is and how he practices law. Their attention to detail as well as to my individual needs provided me safety in knowing that I do matter.

Jill H.

“Never mistake his kindness and gentle approach for weakness. He knows what to do and when to do it. When Michael takes your case, you have nothing to worry about.”

Alan B.

“With the exception of his daughter Brooke, nothing means more to him than your case. I was blown away by his passion, his unbridled belief in my lawsuit and the underlying ethics behind his practice. If you have anyone else as your lawyer, I would say change now, do not hesitate, as it is as different as night and day when Michael is your lawyer.”

Mark K.

“After having two other lawyers in my divorce case, Michael, in an hour of consultation did what both of them didn’t do & carefully explained what was going on. I hired him and Michael helped me every step of the way. He was extremely efficient and honest and I would strongly recommend him to anyone reading this.”

Sharon A.

“Michael Bernstein is truly an awesome and tenacious attorney who will do everything in his power to help you. I will never go to another attorney.”

Bryan S.

“Mr. Bernstein delivers quality legal help while carefully calculating every aspect of a case. What I liked most was his kindness and experience in litigation. He is a seasoned professional who has a superb reputation in the community. Highly, highly recommend!”

Lisa M.

“Mr Bernstein is an exceptional lawyer. His compassion and understanding gives you comfort in knowing that he’s always on your side. Michael’s work ethic and determination ensures that he will always get the job done. I’ve worked with him over the years on two cases and he never once let me down. It would be in your best interest to have Mr Bernstein working on your case. Satisfaction guaranteed!”

Nikita N.

“Through a painful and difficult divorce, Mr. Bernstein was great! He was compassionate, patient, and always had my best interests and my back. If you’re looking for a great lawyer who knows the law inside and out and a strong representation, Mr. Bernstein is your man! I am so thankful for hiring Michael Bernstein.”

Paula L.

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